Established in 1920, Forgings & Stampings is an impression die forging operation that specializes in complex near-net forgings up to 12 pounds.  Our forging facilities, located near major Midwest freight corridors in Rockford, Illinois and Delavan, Wisconsin allow for fast and efficient distribution.

We are proud of our excellent reputation for reliability and service, which is maintained by our competitive pricing, quality product, quick response, and on-time delivery.

Forgings & Stampings is experienced with all grades of carbon steel and most grades of alloy steel.  In addition, F&S has extensive experience forging MICROALLOY steels.  Controlled cooling conveyors were custom engineered for our process to allow the correct and successful implementation of this new technology.

Other capabilities include in-house heat treating (including Rockwell and Brinell hardness testing), coining, straightening, stamping, shot blasting, and assembly.  In addition, we can provide many value added operations such as CNC machining, plating, painting, and welding using a number of qualified suppliers in close proximity to our plants.

With ten hammer lines, Forgings & Stampings has the capacity to meet your current and future requirements.  Contact us today with any forging requirements you may have.